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Ladies Events

Weekly Rides

These rides are not designed to drop riders. Rides are ridden at as close to a steady tempo as traffic and the route allows, not too fast, not too slow. There may be portions of the ride where riders can "attack" but fear not, should you decide today is a rest day for you or you're in a "spot of bother" the group will regroup.  These rides are designed to be fun and enjoyable while providing a challenge. We typically average about 16 - 20+ miles per hour, shop to shop. There are designated “beginner' rides that will average 14 – 16 miles per hour. Maps are available on our website for most of the rides, both text and interactive. Print one and put it in your pocket if you're unsure of the route. Please ride safely and obey all rules of the road.

We try our best to ride double or single file at all times. For safety's sake, please pay attention to your surroundings -other riders and motorists.  We have some of the best rides in the Southeast. There is no entry fee -just show up with your bike, a good attitude, and a few essentials listed below.

We do not have many rules, and if you will follow the guidelines below, you will have an enjoyable ride. Ride two abreast whenever possible, especially when first departing. Obey all rules of the road. (Red lights and stop signs). If the pack splits on a red light, don't worry, we'll regroup.  We may go single file from time to time for safety reasons or other reasons. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Helmets - HELMETS ARE MANDATORY.  Also, bring money, food, drink, spare tubes, and adequate clothing.

Bring a road bike - These rides are intended to be ridden on a road bike. Other bikes are welcome. 

You ride at your own risk. You assume all risk of injuries. You are expected to ride safely at all times. Look out for the other person. You undertsand that sometimes crashes happen.


Please show respect to motorists. Please show respect for the communities we cycle through by not littering, being respectful if a nature break becomes necessary, and obeying ALL RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS.

Disclaimer: The above stated group rides are not officially sanctioned nor sponsored by Atlanta Cycling. Risk is inherent in recreational bicycling and Atlanta Cycling accepts no responsibility and/or liability for any injuries or damages occurring on any of the above stated group rides. 

DayStart TimeDescriptionLocationPhone
Tuesday6:15 pmLadies, come out for this 11,18 or 22 mile ride at Atlanta Cycling-Vinings. An easy, moderate pace on low traffic streets following a painted route with one group at no drop pace. The emphasis will be on meeting others and on becoming more skillful and comfortable while road riding. If you want a more challenging route and pace join the men's/mixed ride that leaves at the same time, taking a different route.Our Vinings Location770-952-7731

Ladies Events

When we have demos, in-store clinics for women, Ladies Night Out, or other events designed just for you, they will be posted here. We look forward to seeing you!

SUNDAY: 12-4
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